Dress in Beauty + Benificence

Make Conscious Fashion Choices for a Better World

Goodness can be Exquisite

We are literally forced to make a decision everyday:

        What to wear?

You truly want to make the world a better place (and look elegant too), but with so much destruction, corruption and marketing hype, it can be overwhelming and confusing to buy clothing that meets both our tastes and our values.

What if you could dress yourself in beauty and benevolence?


I want to help you change the tides,

efficiently and elegantly.


Hi,  I am Kusuma,

a Changemaker-Dressmaker

I’ve resisted working in the fashion industry for a long time but eventually had to admit I don’t want to be a nudist, and I love exquisite materials. (You can read more about me here.)
Making a difference usually looks like working with the WWF or United Nations, but seeing as fashion is one of the world’s top polluting industries, there’s serious scope for change here. The everyday choices you are making are a huge part of that change.
You might feel ‘time is scarce to understand the problems’, or ‘It’s impossible to trust the marketing claims’, but you can make better choices for people and planet clearly and confidently with a small amount of effort and savvy advice.

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